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Presented at

Shanghai New International Expo Center
March 14th-16th , 2018
Visit us at W2.2130

Blink has been developed to meet the industrial, medical and laboratory applications
requiring fast laser power detection and accurate measurements.

Industrial applications

In-line/off-line laser power monitoring.Generation of rapid feedback signals for closed loop to control laser stability.

Medical applications

Tight in-line/off-line laser power monitoring in medical sources or machines for better patient protection.

Laboratory applications

Faster detection of unexpected changes in laser power due to instablities or misalignments.

Available for orders
from JULY 2018

OEM sensors

Blink OEM Sensors

Heads with connectvity to Laserpoint displays

Heads with connectvity to LaserPoint displays

OEM heads with USB connectivity to PC

OEM heads with USB connectivity to PC

Soon available

Air cooled heads

Heads with internal amplifier

OEM heads with RS232 interfacing

Blink is created and manufactured by Laserpoint

With over 30 years of experience in laser measurement instruments, Laserpoint is an independent entrepreneurial company that constantly invests in innovation and technology to always give you the best solution for your needs.

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