Re-Calibrate Once a Year 

Laser Point  instruments can provide many years of precious service  provided they undergo, like any precision measurement instrument, to care and recalibrations.

It is obvious that extended use, operation in adverse environment and various environmental factors  can affect the accuracy of measurements or wear parts. To hold the original level of performance, it is important that instruments are periodically checked and that they undergo to an annual recalibration.

The original calibration and successive recalibrations are the most important steps for LaserPoint.

Since the responsivity of laser absorbers can have a strong dependence on wavelengths, it is necessary to calibrate at several laser wavelengths and provide the instruments’ software  with absorption correction data that can be selected by operators depending on the wavelength of use.

Golden standards, originally calibrated by NIST and PTB, are used to calibrate the instruments with traceability to those standards.

To insure the best possible calibration accuracy also at high powers and get rid of other possible sources of errors, for example non-linearity with power, LaserPoint has in house a number of lasers up to 1KW.