• Certified Calibrations

To grant precise measurement accuracy, LaserPoint supplies each of his laser sensors calibrated, before delivery, to the highest level of accuracy and with traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Laboratories in Boulder, Colorado (USA) or the Physicalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Berlin (Germany).
A Certificate, reporting the sensitivity of power and energy sensor, a list of NIST/PTB standards and other instruments used in the calibration procedure and the environmental calibration conditions, is supplied to prove it.

• Periodic Recalibrations  

The need for recalibration depends on how the instrument has been used, its actual conditions and also on environment conditions. To ensure that accuracy and performances of laser power and energy meters remain intact over the time, a regular schedule of calibration and preventive maintenance is then needed.
Under normal working conditions, laser exposures and treatment of instrument, an annual recalibration is recommended by Certification bodies like NIST : units must be shipped back to LaserPoint where, together with recalibration, also a general check-up and minor repairs of the detector will be done .

• Calibration Capabilities in LaserPoint  

LaserPoint owns a number of laser sources that are used for in-house calibrations ; these sources cover powers up to 300W and include pulsed lasers.
LaserPoint also relies on contracts for the use of multi-kilowatt lasers with local Scientific Institutes for tests and standard calibrations for its high power heads.
A number of detector heads, calibrated at NIST and PTB at different wavelengths, are internally used as Golden Standards for calibration procedures.
To trace sensors’ linearity to their full scale, some of those Golden Standards have been calibrated over their entire working range, up to > 1KW for CO2 and 300W for Yag.
All measurements made by PTB and NIST, show the outstanding linearity of LaserPoint sensors.
As an example, the NIST test results for our A10-D20-HPB and W1500-D40-HPB heads are shown in picture aside.