Analog Elettronics Circuit for OEM Sensors

• Analog Elettronics Circuit for OEM Sensors

This ultra-compact product fulfils diverse OEM requirements being a circuit board, internal to the AHA/AHW series heads, which amplifies and speeds up response times of sensors discs.
A main feature is the possibility to vary sensors sensitivities, via a variable resis-tor, to make all detectors equally performing.
The board can work with additional custom electronics or read with a display The it also offers fast response times, high sensitivity, accuracy and linearity.
Output connectivity options for the amplified heads include Molex or a simple 4 wires pigtail
Output voltage, Full Scale: 5V
Min. detectable voltage : 5mV
Total sensitivity: 5V/ Max Power Value for the sensor in use
Linearity: ± 1%
Max power values: 5W,10W,20W,50W,100W,200W, depending on sensor type
Minimum detectable power: 1/1000 of Full Scale
Head response times: 0.8 sec.typ,
Supply voltages range : ± 7VDC to ± 12VDC or 14 to 24VDC floating.
Dimensions: Dia 43mmx10mm
Max Head Temperature :60 °C