Laser Power & Energy Meters

• Selecting a meter for the application

The first step in defining a measurement system is to choose the detector needed for a specific application with the help of the LP- Explorer program. 
The following step is the  meter selection, based on the following three basic considerations:
a)-where the meter is going to be used. For example, if the operator is a laser engineer who spends most of his time in the lab, then he needs multi-function and sophisticated equipment for his qualitative measurements and laser set-up alignment. Laser Point’s  PLUS 2 is the small, battery operated meter designed for those applications. 
b)-which are the needed additional features. A different case is when budget or environment constraints require a  simpler monitoring system. 
For these applications the tool can be the PLUS-2 Monitor. For example if the requirement is the use of a power meter for the final validation of a laser system before its delivery to the customer, it may still be then necessary to do advanced statistical analysis .Laser Point’s PLUS -2 powerful analysis software extends measurement capabilities.
c)-foresee future developments. Perhaps in a near future there will be a service engineer who will need compact and low weight equipment when travelling. At the same time he will have the necessity to use different heads, e.g. for high and low powers. The PC-Link offers this possibility, since it mates with all Laser Point detectors and can be plugged to any portable PC.
The following at-a-glance table will help in a first selection.