Laser Power Probes

• Fit and Cronos: Simple, yet Advanced Measurements

Many applications do not require the tight specifications of power meters. In many cases it is sufficient to have readings in a snapshot just to monitor if power is ok as there is no necessity to measure over an extended period of time; many times water is not available on the machine or it is simply a bare matter of limited budget: that’s the world for a different class of instruments known as laser probes or power probes.Those instruments are stand alone units made of a thermal probe connected to an electronics and its dis-play. In general, existing instruments of this type are thermometers that measure a temperature difference in a fixed time and have a simple dial or a digital display. They have a dependence on the accuracy of measurement time, which in most of cases has to be evaluated by the operator, have poor repeatability and accuracy, or need to be cooled after each measurement etc.
LaserPoint has introduced a real breakthrough in the field with two series of fully automatic laser power probes that calculate laser power by a microprocessor based measurement of temperature dynamics. Their measurement and acquisition technique self-determines the time needed to carry out a measurement: data acquisition is triggered and stopped by detecting set heat parameters thresholds. This technique is totally free from induced errors due to measurements of exposure times and may allow multiple measurements without the need of forc-ing cooling to the absorber.Both Fit and CRONOS feature a large multifunction LCD that simultaneously indicates the measured power, the wavelength of calibration (CO2, Nd-YAG) and low-battery. Furthermore a moving bar shows the actual absorber temperature; this informs the operator whether he can still perform more measurements before the absorber reaches needs to be cooled. Additionally, the probe status is displayed by a two colour LED: probe is ready (steady green), measurement is in progress (flashing green), measurement is over (steady red) or cooling is needed (flashing red).Fit and CRONOS are both operated by a single button. They store the last measurement in memory and shut automatically off after 5 minutes of non operation. Two common AA batteries allow a minimum of 5000 measurements.
Fit and CRONOS have been ergonomically designed in all their details like the LCD display and the balance of weights, to provide a comfortable and safe operation. The absorbers feature low reflections and high damage thresholds; in particular the hi-power, multi kilowatt CRONOS have a concave conical shape to avoid dangerous back-reflections toward the operator.
Recalibrations can be made user.

• Fit Series

Fully automatic, low power probe series
3 models cover from 500mW to 500W.
dual wavelength (CO2 and Yag) ,
4sec to measure and display
±1% repeatability
±3% accuracy
10 mW resolution on 50W probe
Recalibration possible by User

• Cronos Series

Fully automatic, high power probe series
3 models cover from 1.5W to 10kW
dual wavelength (CO2 and Yag) ,
8sec to measure and display
±2% repeatability (±5% for 5 and 10KW models)
±4% accuracy
1W resolution on 10KW probe
Recalibration possible by User