GALILEO is a step forward in simplification and ease of use of measurement instruments: a single software compatible with  all Laserpoint readout electronics,  which makes any laptop a true power and energy meter. Galileo can  in fact read and display data from recent (PLUS2) to any previous electronics (PC-link, PC-Plug USB and PC-PLUG Rs232 series).
A completely new graphic interface has been developed to be user friendly, intuitive and ready to use. 
Users can start their measurement process within a few mouse clicks and be immediately ready for measurement.
Galileo has been enriched with new useful functions:
- a visualizer of logged data (useful to load logged data in a trend graph for further analysis)
- a function to monitor whether  process parameters remain within a preset range (it keeps under control a laser process and generates alarms whenever the measured values are outside the pre-fixed limits)
- automatic software update over the internet.
- new functions for the trend graph, like zoom, auto-sizing and three displaying modes for time flow.
- managing of up to 4 different sensors heads 
- Power and energy density based on user defined laser beam size.



Besides their use as standalone laser measurement meters, Laserpoint devices (PLUS2, PC-link, PLUS-USB, PC-Plug -USB and PC-PLUG-Rs232 series) can also be used through a COM object control. This allows system integrators or anyone willing to write his own software, to integrate Laserpoint measurement capabilities into their systems.