Intelligent Interfacing

Each detector head is a unique device and has its own specifications; for example, sensitivity or the voltage output per incident W or Joule of laser power or energy, is different from head to head. Its exact value is derived by calibration and calibration data have to be available to the readout unit to provide accurate readings.
Other parameters, like response times, are also specific for a kind of head and the monitor must have those values to provide suitable speed-up of readings. These are examples of information that each readout unit must get, once a detector is linked.
The question then arises on how to supply the monitors with additional, specific information, like those mentioned in the examples.
All detectors manufactured by LaserPoint come with a DB-15 connector that houses an E2PROM where all relevant parameter of detectors are stored.
It’s LaserPoint Intelligent Identification System (IIS): the detector automatically identifies itself to the monitor and stored data are supplied.
The monitor knows what to do, whether it is a 3W or a 6KW head. This technology has another advantage, with a relevant budget impact: all detector heads from LaserPoint can be easily interchanged with any of the monitors and one single readout can be used with all detectors in the lab.