• Lowest cost solution for monitoring of laser power
  • No Water Cooling up to 500W
  • Complete laser power measure in 4-6sec

Custom Products

If you do not find what you need today we can design custom sensors, housings and electronics that fit your requirements. Ask our Application Engineers for technical support: we have a full knowledge of optics, lasers, thermal behaviors, materials to cover your requests.A commitment to servicing with quality products, prompt deliveries and after sales assistance is another support provided by LaserPoint on which customers can rely on.


Select Ordering Code without any option for DB15 head connectivity to Plus2 and PC-Link Meters;

Add connectivity option “U” to the Ordering Code for USB connectivity (PC-PLUG series);

Add connectivity option “R” to the Ordering Code for RS-232 connectivity (PC-PLUG series);

Ordering CodePower rangeUseful ApertureSpectral RangeCoolingExternal SizeConnectivity
Fit-50-H0.1 W - 50 W20 mm0.19 - 11 µmConductionØ 56 x 21 mmDB15
Fit-200-H0.5 W - 200 W20 mm0.19 - 11 µmConductionØ 56 x 25 mmDB15
Fit-500-H1 W - 500 W25 mm0.19 - 11 µmConductionØ 66 x 30 mmDB15
Fit-3000-H60 W - 3000 W40 mm0.19 - 11 µmConductionØ 92 x 65 mmDB15
Fit-6000-H150 W - 6000 W60 mm0.19 - 11 µmConductionØ 100 x 100 mmDB15
FIT-IPL-R-H2 W - 100 W20 x 60 mm0.4 - 2.1 µmConduction60 x 100 x 26 mmDB15