Ordering CodeFFC-660
Functional Characteristics
Input Optical Power Max.10 W
Wavelength Operating Range0.800-1.000 µm
Magnification FactorTyp. 1 : 1
Output Fiber N.A. Min. (1)0.22
(Output Fiber) / (Input Fiber)
Core Diameter Ratio Min.
> 1.5
Intrinsic Coupling Efficiency (2)95 %
660nm LD Wavelength (3)0.652-0.664 µm
660nm LD Power (3) Min.20 mW
Operating Temperature Range15 – 40 °C
General Characteristics
Input Fiber ConnectorSMA 905
Output Fiber ConnectorSMA 905
Weight30 gr
Dimensions (4)Length: 36.5mm, Diam. 12mm
LD Electrical Specifications (Tc = 25°C)
Absolute Maximum Ratings
LD reverse voltage VR(LD)2 V
Soldering Temperature250°C (Max. 5 sec.)
Electrical Characteristics
Threshold current Ith60-75 mA
Operating current IOp1 Max.210 mA
Operating current pulse IOp2 Max.350 mA (pw = 30 ns, duty = 35%)
Operating voltage VOp2.5-3.0 V
(1) Input Fiber N.A. 0.22
(2) Input Fiber Core Diameter 105µm NA 0.22;
Output Fiber Core Diameter 200µm NA 0.22 AR/AR Coated
(3) ILD1 190mA.
Output Fiber Core Diameter 400µm NA 0.22. TCASE 25°C
(4) Aiming Beam Pins Excluded
カテゴリー: Ordering code: FFC-660


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