Power Mode
Max. Average Power3000 W
Min. Power60 W
Power Resolution100 mW
Noise Equivalent Power (NEP)100 mW
Response Time (0-90%)6 sec
Power Calibration Uncertainty± 5%
Power Linearity (2)± 1.5%
Absorber Specs
Aperture40 mm
Absorber Spectral Range0.19 - 11 µm
Calibration Spectral Range0.19 - 2.1 µm, 2.94µm, 9 - 11 µm
Max Power Density (2)3 kW/cm² @2kW
Max Energy Density (2)5ms pulse width: 36 J/cm²
10µs pulse width: 1.2 J/cm²
10ns pulse width: 0.3 J/cm²
General Characteristics
CoolingConduction (a)
Weight1.1 kg
DimensionØ 92 x 65 mm
Cable length - connector5 m – DB15
5 m – USB (U option)
5 m – RS232 (R option)
(1). Detector centrally irradiated @50% of useful surface.
(2). Damage thresholds also depend on power level. Please see damage graphs for more details.
(a). Conduction, through heat sink

含まれている較正 (Cal-Fit-HH.)



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