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PC-LINK: Convert Your PC Into a Power / Energy Meter


To work with PC-LINK is very easy: it is sufficient to install the software, connect the sensor heads to PC-LINK unit and these latter to the USB port of a PC. No other operation and external power source are needed.

This sophisticated monitor is “plug and play” with all thermal heads and FIT-H power probes. The advanced features of PC-LINK together with the fact that it is very compact and has low weight, make this monitor an ideal partner for service applications, laboratory or OEM use offering the convenience, flexibility and value of computer-based operations; PC-LINK is in fact the ideal candidate for use in laser machines, in particular when associated to FIT-H (Fast Integrative Thermopile Heads) family of OEM power probes, that work up to 6KW without the need of water cooling.

The use of PC-LINK is straightforward: the unit will recognize the power/energy head as soon as it is plugged-in; furthermore, the PC-LINK will use its acceleration circuitry to insure a fast response and will use the calibration data stored in the DB15 connector of each head to provide the most accurate power/energy measurement.

One feature offers the possibility to access to the “User Calibration Factor” (UCF) and there is also X10 gain to enhance measurement flexibility (eg low power measurements to 20μW resolution).

Software allow to measure and analyse data with full statistical functions (Min., Max., mean and standard deviation). Data from each detector can be logged simultaneously to file.

The “Power mode” allows measurements of laser powers with direct display of their actual values. The screen also shows the evolution of power over time allowing stability measurements as long as several hours (up to 12 h depending on the PC).

The “FIT mode” provides values of laser power by an automatic measurement cycle with Laser Point’s Fit-H power probes; this family of detectors is used for accurate, yet once in a while readings and whenever simple power checks instead of long term measurements are needed.

The ”Energy mode” allows the measurement of single shot energy.

Laser tuning function is used to achieve a high resolution tweaking of your laser; an analogue needle shows the direction of tuning: in the middle of the tuning display a box shows the current measured power, while the maximum value reached during the tuning procedure is kept in a second box of the screen.


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