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S120 Fiber adapter series can be used to directly interface the Laser power heads A-02-D12-XXX and photodiode heads with any different fiber connector types between FC, LC, SC, ST, SMA.

SM1-A mechanical inteface can be directly mounted on the following Laser Power heads: A-10-D20-XXX, A-40-D25-XXX, A-40/200-D25-XXX, A-200-D25-XXX allowing to use the S120-XX adapters on these heads too.

Mechanical adapter to inteface S120-XX fiber adapter series to the following Laser Power heads:

  • A-10-D20-XXX
  • A-40-D25-XXX
  • A-40/200-D25-XXX
  • A-200-D25-XXX

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