Power Supply 120/240V 500mA for RS232 Pc Plugs

Code de commandeDescriptionTensionCourant
PS-120/240-500Power Supply 120/240V 500mA for RS232 Pc Plugs120/240V500mADevis
PS-120/240-1000Power Supply 120/240V 1000mA for head series from A-200 to A-600, for Blink and CSA fan cooled heads.120/240V1000mADevis
PS-120/240-3000Power Supply 120/240V - 3000mA for A-1200 heads.120/240V3000mADevis
PS-USB-120/240-1000Power Supply 120/240V 1000mA and cable for PLUS 2 120/240V1000mADevis