Power Mode
Max. Average Power10 W
Max. Average Power (1)50 W
Min. Power50 mW
Noise Equivalent Power (NEP)4 mW
Natural Response Time (0-90%)Typ. 90 ms (min. 50 ms – max. 120 ms)
Power Calibration Uncertainty± 3%
Power Linearity± 3%
Spatial uniformity (2)± 3%
Energy Mode
Max. Energy10 J
Min. Energy50 mJ
Max repetition rate5 Hz
Energy Calibration Uncertainty± 5%
Absorber Specs
Aperture12x12 mm
Absorber Spectral Range0.5 – 1.1 µm
Calibration Spectral Range0.532 µm, 1.07 µm
Max Power Density (3)10 kW/cm²
Max energy density10 J/cm² (@ pulse duration 10ns)
General Characteristics
CoolingConvection (a)
Maximum sensor operating temperature60 °C
Weight240 g
Dimensions60 x 60 x 41.2 mm
Cable length - connector1.5 m - DB15
2.5 m – USB (U option)
1.5 m - RS232 (R option)
Stand and PostLight Duty Stand
(1) max 2 sec exposure,
max 10% duty cycle.
(2) over 8x8mm central area
(3) Measured at 1064 nm, 10 W. Damage thresholds depend on power level.
(a) Recommended ambient temperature: 10 -30 °C
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