At Laser Point innovation means providing smarter solutions to customer requirements: that’s why we never stand still. With more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of  laser  measurement  instruments, Laser Point constantly invests in innovation and technology

Laser Point manufactures a wide portfolio of laser power and energy meters able to perform laser measurements with high accuracy up to multi-kilowatts optical power level. We also provide unique in the market and patented Hi Tech solutions to measure  ultrafast lasers down to picosecond and femtosecond pulse duration and high repetition rates up to MHz range. Laser Point developed the best hard coating to absorb the laser radiation which allows its laser and energy sensors to safely work  to the highest level of optical power density! For more than 30 years Laser Point has consistently supplied its OEM, industrial, medical, and scientific customers worldwide with laser power and energy tools that proved their accuracy and reliability.

Laser Point is an independent company that employs physicists, engineers and technicians with solid background in laser technologies, R&D and manufacturing. The in-house facilities at Laser Point allow for the complete design and development of our products, from their thermal modelling to the 3d CAD design.

The results of our work are the several patents on laser measurement devices from 2011 to 2018 and our ISO 9001 certification on our entire development and manufacturing process.

6 World’s first achievements

Digital, fully automatic power probes.
Instrument to measure laser power, beam position and beam diameter.
Touch screen power and energy meter.
Super hard coating.
Detectors with USB/RS connectivity.
Broadband Hi-speed laser sensors (Blink).


20 specialized professionals


Asia, Australia, Europe, Usa


Politecnico of Milan University of Milan CR&C Electronics

Automated product test and certification

Latest deposition technologies for sensors

Cleanroom manufacturing

Products calibration with NIST/PTB traceability up to 1.5KW

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