A customer-driven supplier of OEM sensors

Laser Point has developed a series of compact power sensors that can be easily integrated into  laser machines to monitor the power during the operation. For more than two decades Laser Point has been supplying OEM power & energy sensors to some of the world’s leading laser manufacturers. R&D activities are still strong, especially on new applications or on the design of new detectors.

Advantages of LaserPoint OEM Laser Measurement Products

Sensor discs manufactured by Laser Point are characterized by high sensitivity and low impedance. High sensitivity is important to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio when working at low powers. Around those sensor disks, complete OEM heads are designed and supplied with housings, cooling systems and amplifying electronics based on Customer’s requirements and specifications.

Compared to other types of sensors which might be used in equivalent applications, thermopile detectors can be applied directly onto the beam, even at high powers.

Laser Point sensors are made with robust materials and coatings that can be used from UV to Far Infrared and with concentrated beams, without the risk of damaging the detector even at extreme power densities.

Laser Point provides thermopiles with a high degree of linearity over their entire working range and with large areas suitable for the largest beams..

Thermopile sensors are almost insensitive to the position and the size of the beam when it strikes on their active area. Therefore alignment is never critical and installation time for OEM applications is fast.

Everything has been designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of lasers such as CO2, Excimers, Laser Diodes, Nd-Yag from 3W to 200W at competitive prices.

All OEM sensors undergo to a series of in house inspections and controls, which include individual tests of sensitivity and impedance. A full calibration, with NIST or PTB traceability, is available on request.

If you do not find in our current catalog what you need, we can design custom sensors, housings and electronics that fit your requirements. Ask our Application Engineers for technical support: we have extensive knowledge in optics, lasers, thermal behaviours and materials to answer your requests.

Standard configurations of OEM solutions

BO - Blink OEMBlink Cell supplied with housing, optimized heat exchanger, electronics for signal amplification, filtering and acceleration.
BA - Blink Amplified Blink Cell supplied with housing, optimized heat exchanger, electronics for analog signal amplification, filtering and acceleration.