Laser beam delivery components are used in laser applications requiring:

  • high efficiency optical power coupling between two specific optic fibers (Fiber to Fiber Couplers – FFC)
  • laser beam splitting and bending to reach the working area and to monitor the laser power (Beam Benders – BB or Beam Splitters – BS)


FFC-R is a Fiber to Fiber coupler to efficiently couple single or combined wavelength power laser beams into the user output fiber. Its coupling design based on free space lens ensures a reliable and repeatable delivery of laser power into the user fiber, hence right to the working area. This device is suitable to couple laser power into larger core output fibers with output fiber/input fiber core ratio ≥ 1.5.

Additionally to the efficient coupling of the power from the primary laser beam, FFC-R integrates a red aiming beam Laser Diode (LD) coaxially coupled into the user output fiber.

FFC-R can be provided without the red aiming beam (FFC).

Class III B Laser Diode operating at 660nm can be efficiently coupled using the same mechanical design of the coupler (FFC-660).


The Beam Bender (BB) series provides 90º angular beam displacement of reflected beam over 15.5 mm useful aperture. Reflectivity (%R)  > 98% ordering with wavelength options.

The Beam Splitter (BS) series provides a 90º angular beam displacement of reflected beam over 10.0 mm useful aperture with minimal lateral beam displacement of transmitted beam.

BB and BS series have the following characteristics:

  • Independent Orthogonal splitter adjustment providing precise and repeatable alignment;
  • Optics removal and replacement which can be accomplished without affecting alignment;
  • Face & Side Mounting Holes;
  • Sealed Design;
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction.

                BENDER / SPLITTER                        COUPLER

Ordering CodeMax. Power - LaserSpectral Range - LaserMax. Power - Red LaserSpectral Range Red LaserExternal size
FFC10 W0.8 - 1.0 µmN.A.N.A.Ø 12 x 36.5 mmAsk for quote
FFC-66010 W0.8 - 1.0 µm20 mW0.652-0.664 µmØ 12 x 36.5 mmAsk for quote
FFC-R10 W0.8 - 1.0 µm0.35-1.0 mW0.630-0.643 µmØ 12 x 36.5 mmAsk for quote
Ordering Code% R% TUseful ApertureExternal size
BBN.A.N.A.15.5 mm60 x 60 x 58.5 mmAsk for quote
BSN.A.N.A.10.0 mm60 x 60 x 72 mmAsk for quote
BS-50-50505010.0 mm60 x 60 x 72 mmAsk for quote