LaserPoint introduces this new instrument based on calorimetric measurement of laser power that can safely face the extremely high power densities of our days’ lasers. In this instrument, the presence of Super Hard Coating as radiation absorber lead to achieve a higher absolute power measurement capability with very compact footprints associated to a higher damage threshold.

This calorimeter allows laser power measurement up to 12kW: it is the result of Company’s capacity to explore new materials, manage thermal design and create innovative products.

The new calorimeter ( Mod. W-12K-D55-SHC-U) is extremely compact and light weight compared to alternative instruments of the same class and does not require any defocussing optics in the absorbing cavity.

This detector has a Linearity ± 2% to its full scale and is supplied with ±5% calibration accuracy traceable to PTB/NIST standards.

The aperture is 55mm, Dimensions L140xP200xH180 mm, Weight is 6 Kg.