Laser Power Meters and Laser Energy Meters

A Long History

For more than 30 years LaserPoint has consistently supplied OEM, industrial, medical and scientific customers worldwide with laser power and energy measurement tools that proved their accuracy and reliability. Our team of highly skilled engineers, all formed in the best R&D labs of the Country, have set several standards in products innovation and in the improvement of their sturdiness and accuracy.

A Tradition in Improvements

Our commitment to our customers has always been to provide sturdy, accurate and hassle–free instruments. We thus focused on material science technologies and thermal modeling in order to continuously heighten the operational limits of our devices, in particular our coatings and our heat removal systems. We reached those goals since the beginning of our history and we continue to keep an undisputed first rank on the front of laser measurement technologies.

At the same time we also reached our goal to provide our customers the most robust and reliable products in the market. LaserPoint holds several patents that show the Company’s creativity, its commitment to research and innovation and its capacity in mastering all laser related technologies. A relevant side effect to this capacity of innovation and knowledge is LaserPoint ability in designing and providing custom solutions to our customers. We apply a constant care to our manufacturing and calibration methods in order to further stiffen our leadership in delivering instrumentation with superior reliability and accuracy.

Our Commitment

We are aware that LaserPoint  products are critical parts in a number of applications where durability, reliability and accuracy are mandatory requisites; they are applications in all laser fields: industrial, medical and scientific. With this awareness in mind, we commit to strive for innovation , research , new developments and improvements of our products to remain on the frontline and undisputed leaders in laser measurement  instrumentation.