• Selecting a meter for the application

LaserPoint solutions are characterized by a flexible approach to laser measurements: different sensor meters are available, allowing to read measurements on a stand-alone portable instruments, on PC screen or simply storing them on a memory device.


Plus 2
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  • DB15 To Head
  • USB to PC

Meter for all thermal sensors and power probe (FIT-H), (including Blink FR up to 6Hz rep. rate) and Photodiode Sensors.

Plus2 is a handheld, lightweight, touch- screen meter designed to measure the optical power/energy of lasers and other light sources. It features a 4.3” colour touch screen display and an intuitive and ergonomic Graphical User Interface which allow to exploit all its characteristics by just one or two touches.

The instrument is powered by a USB rechargeable Lithium battery for a run time of up to 15hrs.

Among its features, the Plus2 offers a configurable Analogue Output and easy Data Saving.


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  • DB15 to Head
  • USB to PC

Meter for all thermal sensors and FIT-H.

Blink FR and photodiodes are not supported.

PC-LINK is a smart “sensor head to PC” interface that converts any PC or laptop into a powerful instrument which measures, analyses and records power and energy from a thermal sensor head.

PC-LINK is supplied with user-friendly communication software for single channel

PC-LINK provide a full statistical analysis without the need of any display.

Software includes many mathematical functions.

PcPlug V3

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  • USB or RS232 to PC

Integrated-meter head for all thermal sensors and power probe (FIT-H), (including Blink FR up to 6Hz rep. rate) and Photodiode Sensors.

The PCPlug meter- less series of sensors has been specifically developed for all those applications that do not require a display but where readings can be analysed and displayed on the now ubiquitous computer.

The RS-232 version is the most convenient platform to have power measurement integrated inside laser processing systems.

The PCPlug USB sensors get their supply power from the USB connection while the only requirement for RS-232 version is a  +12VDC input.


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  • HS connector to Head
  • Ethernet to PC

High Speed Meter (HSM) for Blink HS.

HSM is a high speed electronics specifically developed to connect High Speed Sensor Blink HS to PC via Ethernet, to acquire and display data of laser pulse trains and perform statistics  on many laser parameters as energy, power, repetition rate, peak power.

HSM is able to sample data with a sampling rate up to 500 Msamples/s to provide a precise energy measurement of each single ultrashort pulse up to 1 MHz repetition rate.

HSM allows to display on the PC the acquired laser pulse train using its oscilloscope mode.