Blink is a new family of sensors, patented, that enables unprecedented lower response times compared to traditional thermopile detectors, while maintaining broadband operation.

Blink can be  used in all industrial, medical and laboratory applications requiring to perform accurate measurements of power or energy of pulsed laser up to femtosecond pulse duration and up to 1 MHz Repetition rate.

Blink family comes in two variants, Blink FR (Fast Response) and Blink HS (High Speed).

In the picture, it is shown the fast response of the Blink HS sensor to a train of laser pulses with pulse duration of 4ns and with a repetition rate of 1 MHz.

Moreover, the thermal nature of the Blink sensors enables the capability to work in a broadband spectrum, from UV to THz as well as the possibility of operating in a broad range (10-3-102 W/cm2) of incident average optical power densities of the laser radiation, without the need of adopting optical filters nor other precautions.

The advantage of High Speed thermal sensors of Blink series over pyroelectric sensors and photodiodes for laser radiation measurement is the combination of an overall fast response time, broadband spectral acceptance, high saturation threshold to direct laser irradiation and the possibility to measure pulsed as well as cw-laser sources.