Power Mode
Max. Average Power50 W
Power Calibration Uncertainty± 5%
Energy Mode
Max. Energy20 mJ
Min. Energy30 µJ
Max repetition rate1 MHz
Energy Resolution0.5 µJ
Energy Calibration Uncertainty± 5%
Absorber Specs
Aperture10 x 10 mm
Spatial Uniformity (1)± 5 %
Min. Beam diameter0.5 mm
Absorber Spectral Range0.5 – 1.1 µm
Calibration Spectral Range0.532 µm
1.07 µm
Max Power Density (2)5 kW/cm²
Max Energy Density (3)120 mJ/cm²
General Characteristics
CoolingWater (b)
Weight320 g
Dimensions60 x 60 x 25.7 mm
Cable length2 m
Stand and PostLight Duty Stand
(1) laser beam over 6x6 mm central area
(2) Damage thresholds also depend on power level.
(3) Single shot
(a). Others wavelength on request
(b). Water Min. 1 l/min, Max 4 l/min (@ 10-25 °C).
Admissible rate of water temperature variation < 1 °C/min.
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Category: Ordering code: BM-W-50W-10-B
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