Laser Point has developed a Calorimeter capable to measure very high powers, up to 12 kW. This product is the result of Laser Point’s ability to explore new materials and manage the heat dissipation through a sophisticate thermal design. The new calorimeter is extremely compact and lightweight compared to alternative instruments of the same class; furthermore it does not require any defocusing optics in the absorbing cavity. The detector is characterized by a Linearity of ± 2% to its full scale and it is supplied with a ±5% calibration accuracy, traceable to PTB/NIST standards.

Ordering CodePower rangeUseful ApertureSpectral RangeCoolingAbsorber
W-12K-D55-SHC-U100 W - 12 kW55 mm0.19 - 11 µmWaterSHCAsk for quote