Thermal methods of measuring power and energy are those in which radiant energy is absorbed and converted into heat, which generates a temperature rise in the absorber. The absorbed energy is  then measured through a function that takes into account the temperature gradient between the hot area (where the laser strikes) and a cool area (where the generated  heat is dissipated). This measurement can be done by means of  thermocouples arrays (thermopile). The temperature difference will generate a voltage at the end of each single thermocouple and the resulting total voltage will be proportional to the incident power or energy.

Laser Point manufactures different families of state of the art detector heads for measurement of powers and energies of  all lasers, from UV to the Far Infrared, in any application  within the industrial, medical or scientific fields. All thermal sensors allow to perform “long term” laser power measurements. Different cooling methods among convention, forced air and water are used depending on the maximum measurable power. Each thermal sensor is provided with certificate with NIST and PTB traceability. Thermal sensors can be provided with DB15 or with USB and RS-232 connector (PC-plug option).